Sunday, January 27, 2008

Halfway there!

So now I'm 20 weeks and providing the baby comes on it's due date... then I am exactly halfway there. It feels like such a great milestone to reach because from now on the time can only get shorter than the 20 weeks that have just passed, if that makes sense. It's crazy to think that in 16 or 17 weeks time I will be off work for a long while looking after an adorable little baby.

Bump is growing rapidly still and I am finding it harder to bend to put on my socks and even to get out of bed in the mornings. I have to sit down and get up slowly or I hurt my back. I guess the pain is just everything inside stretching out to make more room for bubs.

James felt movement yesterday. It was the very first movement that he has been able to feel. It has only happened 2 or 3 times now.  The first time I felt it on the outside, James missed it. I'm sure it will get strange indeed when my tummy starts moving in weird directions and we will be able to not only feel, but see the baby move from the outside!

We had a shopping spree the other day and paid for our cot. It is being delivered on the 7th February and can't wait to see it.
We also bought the steriliser and bottles and a bunch of nappies and baby wipes because they were on special offer. The items we ordered in January were delivered and mum brought them down in her car this weekend. It's nice to feel that we are organised and have almost everything we need...

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  1. Hi Emma, James and Bump,
    Thank you for sending the link to your blog. Now I have 2 blogs to check each night before bed - yours and Damon's.
    I'm glad the pregnancy is going so well. Your belly looks fab - cute tat!
    Are you planning on giving breastfeeding a go? I would heartily recommend it.
    Lots of love,