Sunday, January 27, 2008

My booking visit at the NMH

I had my booking visit on the 20th December in Holles Street. Had I known it would be so long and boring I would not have been so excited!! The National Maternity Hospital is one of the busiest in Dublin so I was in for a shock when I arrived at my appointment time to find there was a queue for the reception area about a mile long. I stood in the queue for half an hour and then waited beside the reception area for another 15 minutes while they found my folder.

Inside the waiting room was like a cattle market with everyone trying to bump the queue so I was lucky when I was called to the first visit section of the waiting room where there were only 2 women ahead of me. I got talking to them both and because they are at the same stage as me there is the chance we could end up in ante-natal classes or even in a ward together!! Talking passed the time a bit.
I saw a nurse first who asked me my entire family medical history and asked me if I had any worries so far.

I then got sent off for a urine sample and a blood sample. After then waiting in the waiting room for another 20 minutes or so I was called in to see the consultant who, having looked at my notes knew of my early scans and asked would I like to see the baby on the screen for just a minute to put any worries at rest. So I got to see the baby again which was nice. Not many people get the chance to see their baby as many times as I have seen mine. It's going to be a model!

Was told that my iron levels were far too low and was sent on my way.

I really started noticing my bump about now. Not very big out in front but definitely noticed it rounding off a little.

Christmas went well and it was nice thinking that this time next year we would have our son/ daughter with us to enjoy Christmas too and it would be at weaning stage so able to enjoy Christmas dinner with us! It was also nice having the opportunity to eat as much as I liked for Christmas dinner as wearing maternity jeans meant I didn't feel restricted in any way.

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