Sunday, January 20, 2008

Our 6 week scan!

On the morning of our 6 week scan I was so nervous. I had become a nervous wreck in the past week and was convinced that something must be wrong as I am such a worrier.

At only 6 weeks there is only a small chance of being able to see the heartbeat and at the start I could not make it out but James and the nurse could see it and eventually I did too. It was so minuscule and just a little flickering blur. The nurse could not get an accurate date from the scan (they date the baby from the size it is), so she asked us to come back in 3 weeks time for a 9 week scan.

Went home feeling very relieved and pleased as pie with the photo of our little bean.

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  1. It's a miracle isn't it? I remember every moment of it with my three. i have now moved beyond that to the wonders of grandkids and how amazing they are. have fun and enjoy every second of your pregnancy cuz it goes by so fast.