Saturday, September 11, 2010

9 years ago, where was I?

I can remember so clearly where I was when I found out what had happened. I was on my way home from school and I was waiting for my bus in the station. All of a sudden I noticed a rush of people over to the tv screens that were there. I glanced over to see what was happening and then I went closer. It was so hard to take in, and everyone was looking at one another not quite believing what they had just seen on the news.

I remember going home and switching to the news channel as soon as I came in. Myself, my mum and my brothers sat the entire rest of the day flicking news channels trying to get a grasp on what had happened. Nobody said very much.

I can't believe it happened 9 years ago. Even though we are over here in Ireland, I was terrified.

Today I can't stop thinking about those who lost loved ones and everyone affected by what happened. I can't stop thinking about those who lost their lives trying to help others.


  1. It is amazing that it was nine years ago. I feels like it happened just yesterday.

  2. it's so tragic. thanks for caring even though you're not in the states.


  3. Thank you for remembering and helping remind others.

    A senseless tragic day.