Thursday, September 30, 2010

Show Us Where You Live – Master Bedroom!


I am still here catching up with Kelly’s Korner!  She is hosting a home tours blog hop each week and last week’s was Master Bedrooms!  Here is mine…. though I don’t have anything very exciting to show you!


Welcome to our bedroom!  See?  Nothing exciting about our room at all!  We have not had a chance to decorate since we moved in a year ago.  We put wooden floors down because the carpet was hideous and that is about it!  I do love our furniture… it’s my favourite furniture in the whole house.  The chest of drawers does not look big from this photo but it is huge!  I have one side and James has the other side.


This is my lovely wardrobe.  See my wedding dress just hanging there to the side?  I have no idea what to do with it!


This is the view of our room from the other end.  I love the full length mirror… even though it is grubby!


I won a giveaway a month ago and this is what I chose!  I think it is perfect for our bedroom… I could only really put it on the mirror as our wallpaper is textured and it wouldn’t sit properly… I also couldn’t wait until we decorated because I have no idea when that will be.


This is our bed and our chest.  In the chest we keep a spare duvet and pillows for the sofa bed in the off chance that someone stays over.  Around the headboard are little star shaped lights… you can’t make them out very well from the photo.


On our dresser we have these little elephants.  James and I each chose one on our holiday to India.  Ollie loves them now and calls them emaments rather than elephants… so cute.


Also on our chest of drawers is this painting that I did about 6 years ago.  I’m really proud of it but have not painted very much since.  I plan to put this on the wall alongside a sunset photo we had done a while ago in memory of the baby we lost.  Other things on my chest of drawers are my big black makeup box, pink jewellery box and a couple of random magazines and bits and pieces :)

I’m not entirely sure how to decorate this room when we get around to it… any ideas would be fab!


  1. Have you thought about moving the chest to the living room, where you would need what is inside when someone stays over? Then you might be able to center the bed under the window with the chest of drawers at the foot of the bed facing the wardrobe. Not sure if it would work since the spacing of the room is hard to tell in photographs. But with nice curtains on the window it would make a nice focal point in the room and give access to both sides of the bed. And I think picking up the red in your painting with the curtains and bedding would tie it into the room.

  2. hi! following you! hope you stop by too!