Thursday, September 30, 2010

Show Us Where You Live – Dining Room!

This week we are showing off our dining rooms over at Kelly's Korner, and I have to admit that seeing everyone else’s rooms so far has made me really jealous.  I wish we had the funds right now to decorate the whole house and complete everything we want to get done!  Here it goes with my dining room!

Yep… our dining room is a bit of a mish mash.  Again, the carpets need SCRUBBED (happening on the 5th October whoop!).  The fireplace does not suit the room at all and is more for a living room so we would like to get rid of it eventually.
Our bookcase holds cookery books, james’ computer books, other reference and on the bottom shelf are all of Ollie’s books.  There are mega bloks, wooden bricks, alphabet and number paint sponges etc!
Here is Ollie’s easel and some paintings on the wall, an airer of laundry (not always in here!! I know it makes it look awfully cluttered!) and Ollie’s Thomas chair for reading!
In the dining room we have a sofa bed which pulls out so easily.  The painting above it is from Cuba.  My dad brought it back for us.
Ollie’s artwork! I have a lot more bits and pieces to put up.  I love having his artwork all around the place!
In the corner of the dining room Ollie has a tiny table and chairs set which holds his bead frame and 4 different wooden jigsaws.
I love our dining room table.  I can’t wait to get wooden floors down in here to match the table…. get rid of the fireplace and just brighten up the whole room.
Again, I leave this room open to your criticism and any decor ideas would be much appreciated!


  1. you have a great room to work with! Don't worry, kids will grow up (faster than we expect) and pretty soon you will do what you want to it!

  2. ok...#1 The name Toddler Awesome is...well...awesome

    #2 the name Ollie is...well...awesome

    and #3 My kids totally dig that IKEA toy too...yay for good toys that look cute and handle being thrown across the room sometimes :)

  3. Fun! Our dining room is in our kitchen. I wish we had a separate room for it because I'm not fond of looking at dirty dishes while I eat :).

  4. Hi! I just found you via another blog "Firefly" and your blog is so cute :) I'm in love with your layout and your dining room table!!!!! Fun!!!

    Can't wait for your next blog hop.
    Thank you