Monday, September 27, 2010

I am so proud of my Ollie...

Today the health visitor came to our house to do Ollie's 2 year check-up!  He did so well, that the health visitor left VERY impressed.  I am so pleased.

First of all she spoke to him a little bit... asked him about his toys and what he had done today and he responded well... a tiny bit of shyness.  She got out a book and asked him what things were on the pages.... could he recognise the big cat and the small cat in the same picture... she was impressed that he knew some adjectives... he went through each page of the book and knew what/ where everything was!  She said his comprehension is advanced and was impressed by his sentences.

Afterwards she got out some little wooden bricks and asked him to stack them.  He very carefully stacked them and then manoeuvred them about and turned it into a tunnel!  With an even amount of bricks on either side to keep it stable.  The health visitor said that he is very good with his hands.  He then rhymed off what colour each brick was.  Ollie then introduced her to each and every one of his trains!

One of the last things she said to me was that I should be very proud of both myself and Ollie.  She said it was clearly evident that I have put a lot of work into educating him during the day.  She said that he understands, recognises and says more than a lot of the kids the same age that she goes to visit.

He didn't like getting his eyes tested, but they are fine as is his hearing.  He is under the average for both height and weight but not so much as to be concerned by it.  She said we should go ahead with potty training but to go slowly, which I agree with... Ollie has lots of time to learn!

Tonight he went to his potty 3 times between dinnertime and bedtime.

:) He is a little star.


  1. A health visitor? I don't think we have them over here, but it sounds like a great way to check on new families to make sure everything is go to go.

    Your little boy is going to be a young man before you know it! By the way, oldest kids are always most keen and sharp ;-) (Yes, I am an oldest child) hee hee! ;-)

  2. Good for him! I'm glad to hear he's doing so well.

  3. As soon as I read a health visitor I checked to see where you lived. I think that is soooo cool! In the US if there is someone visiting odds are that it's not under the best of circumstances. That is awesome he is going awesome and you should take a sec and pat yourself on the back!!! good job mom!

  4. wow that is so good...

  5. well done Ollie (and his Mum) you definitely should be proud.