Saturday, September 4, 2010

Super PMM!

Wow... My 'PROUD MUMMY MOMENT' today is that Ollie knows his colours!! Woohoo! It was my plan to start teaching him when we restart Tot School on Monday. I have never really sat down and taught him the colours, but he has picked them up. He even knows that my computer is black! This morning I asked him what one colour one of his bricks was and he got it right, so I asked the next one and the next one, and he kept getting them right! I am so shocked to have woken this morning and Ollie know all of his colours. It is so exciting! I think he might be ready for more structured Tot School learning this year!

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  1. Wow! Go Ollie! He's such a smart boy.

  2. Way to go Ollie! I just love it when our toddlers surprise us like that. It never ceases to amaze me at how smart and fast they tend to learn.

  3. I love when Anya learns new skills. I always end up going off the deep end with my thoughts of who she will be or what she will do when she's older. Being a mom is awesome.... :)