Thursday, April 10, 2008

First Stretchmark!!

Having thought I would be one of the lucky ones, reaching 30 weeks with none, I discovered the first stretchmark last night. It is to the left of my belly button and is about an inch long. It came from nowhere! I don't mind though, so long as i don't get too many. Just enough to be a little reminder!

I'm on the big countdown now. 68 days left which is just a little over 2 months. The baby's lungs and digestive tract are now fully developed, he is about 17 inches long and weighs about 3lbs.

I had my 30 week midwife appointment today and it all went well. I don't have to go back until 34 weeks. The baby is head down and growing well and all seems to be healthy with us both. I feel so heavy at the minute and find everything i do takes much more effort. I can hardly put on my pants and socks anymore! I can't imagine my bump getting much bigger!

I have been signed off work by the Dr. until the baby arrives. I have 10 weeks to sit and relax and get organised for the baby coming. It is hard thinking of things to do in all the time but I'm spending time knitting a blanket for him, reading and keeping the house tidy. The house has never looked so clean! In a couple of weeks I will have to start washing and ironing all the baby's clothes and blankets and will have to pack my hospital bag. It is recommended that the hospital bag be packed 8 weeks before the baby is due 'just in case'.

Our nursery is teddy bear themed and these are the little teddy items we have bought (with the exception of our moses basket below):

This is our cot organiser with a few teddys for the baby

This is the teddy bear cot mobile

and the nappy organiser (makes the nursery look so much prettier than having nappies lying everywhere!).

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