Monday, April 14, 2008

31 weeks down. 9 weeks to go!

Woohoo! Single figures! I have to admit I go through phases of thinking my due date is a long way away and then thinking its really not long at all and today is one of the days where it seems sooner. I have a lot to do but I have been taking it easy the last few weeks just keeping the house in order and having dinner ready for James coming home.... (perfect housewife!).

There are 9 weeks to gonow, the baby weighs approximately 3.3 pounds. The movements I feel are starting to change from kicks to squirms because the baby does not have a lot of room left. The baby is expected to put on 2 - 4 more pounds before birth so I'm sure I still have a lot of growing to do.

We had our first antenatal class on Monday which went well. It was an introduction to the 5 classes we will have over the coming weeks. We were first told about the hospital and bombarded with some statistics which made me feel so relaxed with my choice of Holles Street. One of the things she mentioned was that 90% of their patients deliver within 12 hours of labour while the Rotunda's (hospital up the road) average is 36 hours. The other thing that she mentioned was that we each have our own personal midwife who will be there for the duration of the birth... no shift changes and swapping of midwives. I think that will be nice.

After the first midwife spoke to us for about an hour and discussed with us the possible problems and ailments we are all suffering and how to help them, a midwife physiotherapist spoke to us and showed us how we should be standing properly and gave us advice on what exercises we should be doing in preparation for the birth.

I'm looking forward to the proper classes starting next Monday. We paid for the couples class so that James could come to. I'd like to have him understand everything so that when the time comes and I am potentially pulling my hair out, he knows what is happening and what stage we are at.

I'm getting really excited to give birth. More excited that nervous. At the minute I'm not scared about the pain. I just think pregnancy lasts such a long time that when I go into labour it will probably feel like a relief more than something to panic about.

Getting very impatient now!

P.S. My stretchmark from the other day seems to have disappeared!!

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