Monday, April 28, 2008

My Weekend

I hadn't seen my mum in a few weeks (she lives in Belfast which is a 3 hour drive away and I live in Dublin) as it's getting quite hard for me sitting on the bus. I get an awfully sore back, not to mention that travel sickness is ten times worse when pregnant. Anyways... my mum drive down to spend the weekend with me and I have to say I miss her so much again now that she is away home.

We had a lovely weekend though. James had to go into work again after the awfulness of the other night (on Friday he didn't end up coming home until 2am!) so when my mum arrived on Saturday at lunchtime we went into Dundrum (there is a great big shopping centre/ mall in Dundrum) for some retail therapy. I picked up a lovely pair of jeans for hubby and a couple of t shirts. I treated myself to a couple of t shirts also and 2 pairs of shoes! I figured, both pairs were on sale so justified buying them both in that one pair of full priced shoes would have cost the same total.

We met James as soon as he finished work and went to Real Gourmet Burger (a new restaurant which sells what the title says!) for dinner. It was divine which would explain why the place was SO busy! I went for a minted lamb burger topped with grilled goats cheese, avocado and red onion marmalade. I never usually manage a full burger but I devoured this one in minutes. Will definitely be going back.

On Sunday we drove to Howth which is on the sea. On a Sunday they always have a farmers market which can get busy at times but never like it was yesterday! We haven't had much sun recently so I think everyone was making the most of it. As soon as we got out of the car we saw a group of people gathered at the edge of the harbour... they were feeding fish to sealions! I had never seen wild sealions before and they are just so cute! Anyway... the stalls at the market include seafood, organic fruit and vegetables, organic farmhouse cheeses, home baked bread and cakes, olives, oils, chutneys and homemade fudge.

We brought home with us: Paddy Jack cheese (quite strong but tasty), 3 MASSIVE blueberry and white chocolate scones, a punnet of sweet william pears, a bag of champagne grapes (huge... they are like plums!), speciality pasta (trofie), chilli olives and olives with sundried tomatoes. All in all a tasty adventure. It is so easy though to lose track of what your spending as you walk around!

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