Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I feel all squashed inside... i wonder what little bubs feels like! Poor guy!

Pregnancy is getting quite hard now and I am glad that there are only 8 weeks left (although I will miss being pregnant when it is over). I don't know if I could wait much longer than 8 weeks. Everything I do these days takes a lot of effort, from getting out of bed to standing for longer than 15 minutes. I also can't wait to have my body back. As much as I love feeling bubs kick me black and blue inside, I could do without the judo chops on my lower right hand side ribcage. These kicks feel an odd sensation like when you hit your funny bone. I like the little wriggles and squirms he does though. I think the baby knows the difference between naughty kicks and nice kicks hehehe. When I have a series of quite sore, big kicks, James promptly puts his hand on my belly and for those few minutes the kicks cease. It looks like James is already recognised as the authority figure and I'm recognised as the softy.

So I am 32 weeks pregnant with approximately 55 days left until our little one makes an appearance. Bubs now weighs about 4lbs and is about 18 and a half inches long! He is sleeping 90% of the day and he even has dreams now. The baby seems to get hiccups quite a lot because he is practicing swallowing. I feel them as very strange, soft movements with a very definite pattern... reminds me of a dripping tap or something similar. I'm not sure what they feel like for him but I always feel bad as i find hiccups quite sore. I just hope the baby doesn't feel them the same way.

We attended another antenatal class on Monday which covered the first stage of labour. We learnt about contractions and about the chart that is used and what everything on the chart means. We learnt about other signs of labour starting and when we should go into hospital. James and i live about a 15 or 20 minute walk from our hospital so it means I can spend a little more time in the comfort of my own home before leaving for the hospital. The midwife also explained all the different methods of pain relief.

Being off work is starting to drag a little and it is hard thinking of things to do to make use of my time but I should appreciate the alone time because in 2 months time I will not have it anymore.

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