Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pickie Park Fun!

Ollie's birthday fell on the Tuesday that James had to leave for Norway (for work), so we made the most of the weekend instead.  On Saturday, we enjoyed a day out and on Sunday, we had his birthday party and he opened all of his presents.

Looking at the boats in Bangor Bay
The weather was looking good so, we decided to head to Bangor for the day.  They updated their Pickie Park recently and we had never been so decided to go there, to do something new!

As well as a playground, they have a few things to entertain kids including a splash park (too cold for that though), water zorbing, a tiny steam train, swan boats and go karts.  Ollie had a go (or 2) at everything except the water zorbing and the splash park.  He went on the train twice... and LOVED the go karts.  He got the hang of it very quickly!

Ollie and I on the steam train
Ollie on the go-kart.  Look at his concentration face!
James and Ollie on the swan!
James and Ollie on the train.
After spending time in the park we went for lunch in The Rabbit Room.  It is a quirky little pub that has a restaurant upstairs in the evening.  The food was delicious!  We each had a burger... Ollie enjoyed his, I think it was the first proper burger he has ever eaten.  Mine had a mushroom, caramelised onion jam and brie on it.  Mine came with sweet potato fries and we ordered a side of sesame onion rings and some calamari.  Delicious.

Such a fun and memorable day out!

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