Sunday, June 10, 2012

10 on 10

ten on ten button

10am: I took Nate to the Out Of Hours Dr. because his viral illness hasn't improved at all.  In fact, it's been worse.  Poor thing has green boogers and green crusty eyes, a bad cough and strained breathing.

11am: The Dr. decided that Nate needs an antibiotic.  His first antibiotic.  My poor baby.

12pm: An easy peasy lunch consisting of a pot noodle and cheese on toast!

1pm: Naptime for the pooly babe.

2pm: While the baby sleeps I get to work on the MASSIVE pile of laundry.

3pm: Ollie and James went on a ramble with the dog!

4pm: Ollie relaxes on James' computer and has a blast at Minecraft.  He is awesome at the game!

5pm: We decided to have a family movie picnic dinner in the living room tonight. So much fun!

6pm: Watching The Incredibles!

7pm:  All the kiddies have gone to bed.  Time to relax with hubby.


  1. Your "movie picnic" looks like a great idea. Lovely photos.

  2. Kids are so great with computers aren't they. Hope your baby's feeling a bit better.

  3. Great set! I hope you baby is feeling better quickly!

  4. Love the carpet picnic!! And the sweet baby's eyelashes...hope he gets to feeling better soon!

  5. Great day! I'm mad at myself for forgetting about 10 on 10.

  6. Nice day, that's a great idea the picnic in the living room!! Lucky boys!

  7. What a great post and really hope little Nate is on the mend. Think we might try a movie picnic, thanks for the idea! xx

  8. Ohh.... Sick babies break my heart. :( I hope he feels better quick!

    Also, I nominated you for a One Lovely Blog award. xo

  9. Ah yes, The Incredibles - I remember seeing that as a film, at the pictures. Didn't realise it was on TV as well.

  10. I like the one with your son and the laptop. Very cute. Great set!

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  12. I love movie picnics! I also love that clean up consists of tossing the blanket in the wash! I hope your littlest one feels better. Cute set!