Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ollie, You're Now 4!

Happy Birthday Ollie,
You're 4 now!  I can't believe it.  It has gone so fast and you are turning into a real little man.

I remember being pregnant with you and waiting impatiently until the day you were finally born.  I couldn't believe it then and I still can't believe that you are mine.

I've been your mummy for 4 years now and am so proud of the big boy you have become.  You make me proud everyday and everyday you make me laugh and smile.  You have learnt so much since the day you were born... you are so clever (you did not get that from me!!) and so well mannered that people always compliment you on that and your good behaviour.

You started pre-school in September and you have changed so much since you began.  You have learnt songs, stories, counting and so much more and you've made lovely friends.  This September you will be starting there but in Primary 1!  I know you are going to love it.

Since your last birthday you have come on leaps and bounds in terms of speech and you surprise me daily with words I had no idea that you knew.  You're dry during the night.  You are now a big brother... and an amazing big brother at that. Your behaviour has changed SO much since Nate arrived and you have gone from tantrumy, boundary pushing 3 year old to a helpful and (mostly) obedient 4 year old.  We hardly ever have to use the naughty step anymore and you help me so much with Nate.  You 'babysit' him while I have a shower and you sing him songs/ tell him stories.  He is lucky to have you.  I decorated your bedroom and you love it.  You will share your bedroom with Nate when he is old enough!

You LOVE to draw and are very good at it.  All your pictures are recognisable and most of them make their way to our fridge.  You love Minecraft, lego, Jake and The Neverland Pirates, Spiderman and Batman.  You love wrestling daddy when he comes home from work and you love going on rambles with him too. You love pink donuts, melon, milkshake and pineapple!  You love adventure and love turning your bed into a fort... you're a technology whizz and have an outstanding knowledge of the Titanic!

We love you so much my big boy!

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