Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Having a bath with a naked toddler running around... not easy!

I was having some cramps in my bump this morning so I ran myself a bath and put some yummy mum to be bath soak in it.  I told Ollie my plan.... I told him that I was going to have a bath to relax a little.  He agreed and went off to play.

No sooner had I climbed in to the bath when he came in naked (?):

"I need a poo mummy"
..... fair enough....
 "Count my poos when I'm doing them mummy!"
....... erm....
 "Haha... doesn't it make a funny noise mummy"
"Does daddy do poos in the toilet?"

After I wiped his bottom (while I was still sitting in the bath), he ran away only to appear 2 minutes later:

"Do you have boobies mummy?"
.....yep I do!  Why don't you go and read a story to dinosaur....
"Do you have pecs?"
.....No only men have pecs....
"Does daddy have pec boobies?"
.....No just pecs....

I suggest to him again that maybe his soft toys would like to be read to... he runs away and I hear him getting into his mickey mouse playtent with his toy dog and toy dinosaur and I hear him reading his book 'Elmer' to them.

He then comes in and reads 'Elmer' to me too.

Have you ever tasted bath bubbles?  Ollie has.... lots of times.... he kept sweeping the bubbles out of my bath and eating them.... wiping the remainder on his face!

"Mummy, I'm cold now!!"
......why did you take your clothes off??.....

My bath is cold by that point anyway and my cramps have eased off so out I get!


  1. The Boy loves to eat bubbles too. I hate the taste of soap and it makes me cringe when I see him lick them up!

  2. How funny! I love when kids surprise me with something that makes me giggle!

  3. I guess they don't lie when they say when you become a mother you never do anything alone again!