Monday, July 18, 2011

How I celebrated my 27th Birthday!

In our house.... birthdays mean lie-ins, breakfast, family trips, presents and yummy dinners.

This year was no different!  I didn't have quite as long a lie-in as I would have liked because I had to get up to take Ollie to a birthday party.  BEFORE that though, James made us gorgeous french toast with maple syrup and fruit salad.... with pink lemonade to drink.  It was DELICIOUS!

After breakfast I took Ollie to the birthday party for his friend Ivy.  It was fancy dress so he went as Thomas The Tank Engine.... I wish I had got a photo of him!

When we got home we headed off our our family day out.  It was raining very heavily so we were unsure if our plans would work out but we drove in the direction anyway.  We stopped for lunch at The Mourne Seafood Bar in Dundrum where I had Langoustine and Crab Claws.  It was delicious!

After lunch we went to Seaford Butterfly Farm!  

We had a lot of fun!  Ollie was really pleased with himself when he was holding the butterfly.  He was so careful, gentle and serious!

When we got home we had caterpillar cake! I have seriously had a caterpillar cake almost every year since I was very little!  You can't beat it!

My mum came and collected Ollie shortly afterwards and took him to her house for the night, and James and I got ready for our night out.  We went to Sakura Japanese Restaurant with 3 of our friends.  I LOVE Japanese and would eat it every night of the week if I could afford to!

I ordered a lovely non-alcoholic cocktail with pineapple, ginger and mint.... Golden Dragon Rolls (Avocado, tempura prawn and sweet potato sushi) and I had Beef Ramen for my main.

Our friends came home with us afterwards and we just relaxed and chatted!  I was able to stay awake until midnight!!

On Sunday we went to my mums house as she always cooks a special meal on our birthdays.  She made a gorgeous ham joint, cabbage, mushrooms and baby potatoes.  It was delicious.  Instead of cake, she made meringue and because I don't like cream, she made me my very own individual one!

As for my gifts?  OOOOOH I got LOADS!  My mum and step-dad bought me a sewing machine!  My first one.... I've never had a sewing machine before and can't wait to make things for the baby and for Ollie.  They also  bought me some books.  My brother Ryan gave me a photography dvd and Paul Smith perfume... my brother Jason gave me The Sanctuary Spa pamper things.... a friend gave me a gorgeous maternity nightie.... my other friend gave me special mum to be pamper bits including belly butter, a hairband and cute cup.... my mother in law took me shopping for maternity bras so that my boobs are no longer tortured by underwires.... my dad gave me some money... my granny sent me an amazon voucher and James is giving me money on pay day so that I can treat myself!!  I can't wait!

The best gift though?  I've reached 12 weeks in my pregnancy.  The milestone that takes an age to get here!!

I had a lovely birthday :)


  1. That pavlova looks AMAZING! I've never made one from scratch - might have to try!

  2. Looks like you had a great birthday. I love the look of crabs.

  3. What gorgeous photos! You and your son are so cute! :) Glad you had a nice day. Happy Birthday!