Friday, July 22, 2011

Interview with Ollie at 3 years and 7 weeks

What is your full name?
Ollie shoes (Ollie Hughes)

What age are you?
I'm free (three)

What is your favourite colour?

Who is your best friend?
Emmmm.... Ruby

What is your favourite animal?
A T-Rex

Where are you going to work when you are grown up?
On a airplane... ill be a big man and drive you to the holidays

What is your favourite movie?
Polar Express

What is your favourite book?
Bright Stanley, Elmer

What makes you happy?
Trains and cars erm stones and paper, boats and fishes and hugs

What makes you sad?
Scary things and monsters and when mummys cross

What is your favourite food?
A pineapple, watermelon, cheerios, cake

What is your favourite song?
wheels on the buses

Got the idea for this here.


  1. Bless him, this is so cute :)


  2. Awww what a sweetheart. Something really cute I've seen is where you take a picture of your child and add their favorite things, people, etc. at that age. So, for each year you'll see how they've grown and how their taste and interests have changed.

    Reading Ollie's cute answers reminded me of that and makes me want to make some of those "when I was..." photographs of my kids!