Monday, April 4, 2011

Mothers Day :)

I had THE BEST day yesterday with my men :)  Ollie and James were so good to me and it was the perfect Mothers Day!  First of all, I got a lie-in until 9.30 and when we were all up and dressed we got a take-out breakfast of coffee (hot chocolate for Ollie), cake and a blueberry and white chocolate scone.... oh yes!

When we were finished eating, we went to the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum.  Ollie adoooores the trains and the transport bit and I LOVE the folk bit... I always have since I was little.

When we came home we all relaxed for the rest of the day.  James made a roast chicken dinner for us and when Ollie went to bed James and I watched a movie :)

OH!  I also got pressies.  I got the sweetest little Pandora charm - a monkey holding a baby monkey!  I also got things from Lush!  Whoop!  I love Mothers Day.


  1. You're Mother's Day is earlier than ours. Happy Mother's Day. It sounds - and looks - wonderful.


  2. Happy Mother's Day! I should trick my husband into thinking ours is now, too. (How much do you wanna bet he'd totally beleive me?)

    I'd be afraid to take my son there for fear that his head might actually explode from excitement. My son is a NUT for trains!

  3. For a moment there I was thinking I forgot Mothers Day! WHeew...
    Looks like yours was amazing!
    That scone looks to die for.
    And that museum looks really cool.
    Happy MD :)

  4. Happy Mother's Day to you! Looks like such a FUN day! I'd love a museum like that, too. Your family is so cute and your son is adorable!

  5. What a fun Mother's day y'all had