Friday, April 22, 2011

James and I had a baby making appointment!

A week and a half ago James and I went to the fertility clinic for the appointment we have been waiting AGES for.

When I first went to see the Dr. and to ask to be referred we were on month 14 (since the first miscarriage) of trying for a baby.  After the referral letter was sent, but we were yet to receive an appointment, we had our second miscarriage.

Finally the appointment came through in March and it was for 12th April.

My Dr. told us to keep the fertility clinic appointment even though we had got pregnant in the meantime.  She said that they would investigate a) why it took so long to get pregnant the last time and b) why we have had 2 consecutive miscarriages.

The appointment was about as invasive as it could ever be.  I had to have an internal examination and then swabs were taken and I also had to have an internal scan.  The Dr. said everything looked very healthy for the stage in my cycle and everything surrounding looked as he had expected it to which is good.

After the examinations, I had blood taken which will be tested for auto-immune disorders which can cause miscarriages.

On day 2 of my next cycle I have to go to my Dr. for a whole panel of bloods to check for different things.... I think there are 8 different things they check for including different hormone levels etc which can cause it to take a long time to get pregnant.

James has to drop in a sample sometime in the next couple of months.

We have another appointment in 3 or 4 months to go over things and see what we need to do next :)

It feels so good to have been seen and to have everything put in our notes and we have another appointment in a few months so if things aren't happening there are other things we will do.  I feel like we are a step closer to having our second baby.... which is good considering that in August it will be 2 years since we first started trying for our second baby!  Too long!!

I really hope it happens.


  1. Congrats on the big step. I'm sure baby number two is coming soon!!
    Just found your blog through Life of TOI's.
    New subbie!


  2. It sure does feel good to put a plan in place. My husband and I have been trying for our first for a year now and having something in motion is a relief.

    GL to you and your family!

  3. Also wanted to say I am praying for you!

  4. Don't know if this helps, but I had my first child and then 2 consecutive miscarriages. For my 3 children after that I took progesterone and baby aspirin and was able to carry those 3 pregnancies.

  5. We have also been trying for our second for quite some time, and have just sought out a fertility specialist also. It does feel good to have plans in place.... Hopefully it happens for both of us soon...
    Your newest follower