Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ollie is going to SCHOOL!

We got the letter on Saturday.  Forge Integrated Primary School wasn't our first choice of school.... but still a VERY good school nonetheless.  It is so REAL now.  In less than 4 months Ollie starts pre-school.  He will be one of the youngest in his class at only 3 years and 2 months... little thing.  He will be away every single day from 12.30 until 3.00.  He seems excited to be going to school.  See the video above.... in the video he says he is going to Forge School and when I ask him what his teacher will be called he knows she is called Mrs. Cherry (isn't that the cutest teacher name?)... when I ask what he will do at school he normally responds with painting, playing cars, playing in the sand.... but in the video above he brings Handy Manny into it.  Haha... 

He will have to wear a little uniform and everything.  I am so excited for him but hope that being much younger than some of his classmates, won't hold him back.

You can visit the school's website here.


  1. Aw, that's great! It will be so good for him. My daughter is 3 also and she just loves anything "school-like" in any way :)

  2. Just found you from a blog hop. Congrats! Preschool is a big milestone.

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