Thursday, June 3, 2010

Blog Journal - Day 23

"What's in my bag?"

You might have noticed that I have posted the remaining topics in the sidebar!  I thought this might make it easier for those who are a bit behind, to know what is coming up and plan ahead.  To be honest, there seems to have been a lot of you fall behind/ drop out!

Tomorrow's question is:
What is on your to-do list for the next 7 days?


  1. I swear I'm almost catching up, almost :) But I have to finish teaching for today first, haha

  2. I'm caught up after today, this has been fun! :)

  3. aaah the wipes and diaper! That makes me laugh but I know I'll have that in my handbag some day!

  4. As I posted before, I can't start anything in the middle. But I'm keeping track of each day's theme. And it will be easier to know them in advance to prepare and schedule multiple posts in advance. I would have fallen behind if it would have meant only knowing the theme on that particular day... then working in the time to make the visuals to go with it.

    If you do a new series (and I hope you do!), it might help others to plan posts ahead of time too. Just a thought. But I'm enjoying them! =)

  5. I haven't dropped out, I promise. The kids are out of school now, so finding time to do this has been anything but easy! ;-)