Thursday, June 24, 2010

What we've been up to...

(I am so crap at thinking up post titles!)

Here are our goings-on in point form:
  • James and I celebrated our 3rd Anniversary on 26th May.  James and I went to a wonderful little French restaurant called L'Etoile and we were adventurous with our starter... we got frogs legs.  In one word - horrendous.  Never will I EVER eat frogs legs again.  They resembled slimy rubbery calamari/ chicken.  The rest of our meal was delicious fortunately.  James had pigeon followed by a steak... I had french onion soup followed by duck a la'orange. 
  • Ollie moved from his toddler bed into a proper single bed.  The new bed has history behind it and is not really new at all!  It used to be James' bed when he was little and his daddy built it for him.  It's a proper heirloom.  He has slept really well in it now for about 3 weeks and has not yet fallen out! (yes, that is his cot mattress on the floor in the photo... it is no longer there!)

  • Ollie went for his first proper haircut in a hair-salon!  It was so cute.  The lady had him sit in a tractor chair!  It had a steering wheel.  He was so good and sat really still, grinning at himself in the mirror.  He looks so smart and grown-up.  

  • Ollie turned 2!  I posted about his party... everyone had so much fun and it tired him out!  He got wonderful presents, and I can't believe he is TWO YEARS OLD.  It is crazy how fast time goes.
  • Maybe it was post-birthday excitement... but Ollie then went through a 3 day phase of waking up ridiculously early!
  • My due date came on 5th June and I was expecting a very hard day.  It wasn't like that though.  Of course I was filled with sadness and the feeling that something was missing... but I was more full of thoughts of what should be.  My friend Bex brought me over a gorgeous, bright bunch of pink and yellow flowers and my neighbor performed a random act of kindness, that meant more to me than she knows.  My neighbor came over midday with a box full of daffodil bulbs.  She started to plant them for me, and I got stuck in to.  It was only later in the day that I thought to myself, how lovely a thing it was to plant flowers on the baby's due date.  When they come up each year in Spring, I'll remember when we planted them.  I am going to write my neighbor a little card to explain how much it meant to me.  I think she'd like to know.
  • We had a stab at potty training... but after 5 days it seemed as though Ollie is a little too young... and it was stressing him out a little bit.  We put potty training on pause.  In the last week though, Ollie has been wearing his pull-ups but asking for the potty.  Maybe 6 times a day or so.  I figure that's a great start and we will just keep going with him wearing pull-ups but asking for the potty, when he feels like it.  We are in no hurry and he is getting so good at holding it in until I get the potty out for him!
  • We have been spending SO MUCH time outdoors... the weather has been fabulous.... resulting in paddling pool... sand pit and picnics... and a bit of sunburn on my shoulders!  Notice that the handprint in the middle of the sunburn.  That's what happens when you cover a toddler in factor 50... lift him to put him in his pram and forget to put suncream on yourself!  Yep... Ollie's handprint.
  • I managed to smash 3 of our Royal Worcester Jamie Oliver cereal bowls.  Our whole dinner service was a wedding present... and I am so annoyed at myself for being so clumsy!
  • I'm still not pregnant, but it's ok.  I'm feeling positive these days... I'm not feeling so gloomy about it anymore.  I'm not sure why!
  • Oh!! I went to aqua-aerobics and it was FAB!  I'll be going every Monday with my friend Aimee! I will also be starting yoga very soon and in September I will be starting an adult-beginners ballet class!  All part of my plan to be healthier and more relaxed!


  1. I just finished painting my boys new bedroom and their walls are now a green that looks just like Ollie's !! Next week I should have pictures up on my blog.
    Also my Andrew who is 3 is in a big boy bed, the bottom of our bunk beds. I have his crib mattress on the floor by his bed also. We have tile flooring and I am scared he'll roll out on such a hard floor. I'm looking to purchase a very think plush room size floor rug.

  2. Ouch! That is quite the sunburn :-)

    That video is so cute! I'm glad things are well and you're enjoying the warm weather!

  3. Sounds like you've been busy! I hope your sunburn feels better soon. Ouch.

  4. Goodness you've been busy. And I'm sure that sunburn hurts...but it is seriously the cutest sunburn I've ever seen!

  5. I like the new look. SOunds like you have been busy!

  6. Best sunburn ever! Sounds like a lot of fun stuff going on, and Ollie's really growing up!

  7. Hey! I'm from the Trendy Treehouse's friday meme. Cute blog design! :) And a big-boy haircut, a birthday, a new bed... whew, busy week!