Saturday, December 11, 2010

25 Days Christmas Countdown Update (1st December - 7th December)

Our first week of Christmas activities went well! Although we didn't stick to the plan entirely! We have some things we will be carrying over to next week.

This is how our week went:

1st December - Start the advent calendar (we have a chocolate Thomas one this year!) and listen to Christmas music all morning!

He loved getting to open a door on the Thomas calendar and eat a chocolate sneakily before breakfast, but didn't quite understand why he was only allowed one!  He kind of gets it now though!

2nd December - Write a letter to Santa and decorate with Christmas stickers. Put the letter under the sofa and wait for it to be collected! (This is hubbys tradition. He said he and his sisters always used to keep checking until it was gone!)

Ollie and I wrote a letter to Santa together and told Santa what Ollie was doing to be a good boy and what presents he would like this year.  We also told Santa what refreshments we would be leaving out for him on Christmas Eve!  We put it under the sofa and when Ollie went to check in the morning it was gone!

3rd December - Make a big snowman picture with cotton wool balls and black paint, buttons and anything else we might have.

We made these tree decorations instead of making the snowman picture as we were out of cotton wool balls.  We will do the snowman picture next week instead!  I love how these turned out and Ollie was so proud of himself to see them on the tree!

4th December - Christmas movie night (with snacks!).

He loved this activity.  It was the fact that we weren't just watching a movie, but we were in our pyjamas with a cosy blanket, with snacks and hot chocolate and the movies we watched were Christmas ones!  We watched The Snowman and then Father Christmas.

5th December - Make snowflakes out of paper and glitter. Hang them all up when they are dry!

Instead of starting snowflakes, we made our salt dough decorations early!  I knew it would take a couple of days to get them dried and painted etc. We made them with our friends Bex and Ivy!

See how some of the little tiny stars have fingerprints on?  Were going to give one to all the grandparents :)

6th December - Make salt dough decorations, paint and decorate.

We actually painted them on the second day!

7th December - Use cookie cutters and paint and glitter to make Christmas pictures.

Instead of the above task, we made our Christmas cards today because we really need to get them sent out soon!  We are handmaking most of our cards this year.... or just as many as Ollie is happy to keep doing!  We used his handprint and then his thumbprint to make Rudolph cards!

How CUUUUTE is that?

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