Tuesday, November 30, 2010

25 days Christmas Countdown (1st December - 7th December)

This year I have planned a whole 25 days of things for Ollie and I to do before Christmas. I will update at the end of each week, how our activities went and will be including the list of activities for the next week too!  As this is Ollie's first Christmas where he is really aware of what is going on.... I want to make it full of fun for him.

Week one

1st December - Start the advent calendar (we have a chocolate Thomas one this year!) and listen to Christmas music all morning!

2nd December - Write a letter to Santa and decorate with Christmas stickers.  Put the letter under the sofa and wait for it to be collected! (This is hubbys tradition.  He said he and his sisters always used to keep checking until it was gone!)

3rd December - Make a big snowman picture with cotton wool balls and black paint, buttons and anything else we might have.

4th December - Christmas movie night (with snacks!). Polar Express!

5th December - Make snowflakes out of paper and glitter.  Hang them all up when they are dry!

6th December - Make salt dough decorations, paint and decorate.  We will then have the special event of him hanging them himself on our mini tree here and then the big tree the next time he is home.  I'm hoping that seeing his own creations will make him super proud of himself.

7th December - Use cookie cutters and paint and glitter to make Christmas pictures.


  1. That's an awesome list of activities you've put together - you're boubd to create great memories and traditions for your son!

  2. Sounds like a great way to lead up to Christmas.

    I have a few things planned with A. He is 3 but this is the first year he is starting to understand what Christmas is.
    I have been out getting craft supplies today too. Am trying to remember all the old crafts I did with the older ones.

    Do you know of any good online sites for craft ideas for the little ones?


  3. sounds like the perfect week

  4. That is awesome! I may have to steal some of those ideas as I'm trying to form traditions with my kids.

  5. Sounds great, must remember these for next year, Leo's a bit young at the moment to appreciate it!

  6. Great traditions, I am definitely going to try some of these with my kids! -The Menu Mama