Monday, November 15, 2010

Our holidays 2010 (Part 1)


James took a week off in August so that we could all go camping together!  We went camping in Newcastle, Northern Ireland, in a place called Bloody Bridge.


Ollie had never been camping before but he knew what a tent was as we occasionally make tents under the bed covers!  He was very excited sitting in the car on the way there before falling asleep!


When we got to Bloody Bridge, we found that we were the only people pitching our tent there!  James and I had been to Bloody Bridge in July and it was very busy!  To be honest, being the only people there was a bit spooky… especially when visiting the bathroom!


Gorgeous scenery everywhere you look.  Those are the Mourne Mountains!


The owner of the campsite had a little dog who fell in love with Ollie.  Ollie loved the dog and we gave him some water :)


We wanted to make the tent as comfortable as possible for Ollie (and I), so Ollie and I shared a double inflatable mattress.  James slept on a roll-mat beside us.  This tent was brand new for the holiday… it was lovely and spacious!




We had lovely campfire food which consisted of garlic mushrooms, cocktail sausages, beef and carmelised red onion burgers, chicken legs, barbecue ribs and buttered corn on the cob.  It was quite a feast!



We also toasted marshmallows and had smores (though our own interpretation: marshmallows and chocolate chunks sandwiched between raspberry and white chocolate cookies!).  James and I also broke out the wine!




We ventured into Newcastle town… though Ollie was grumpy that day!!  I think because he had some trouble falling asleep in the tent the night before.  Nothing made him happy…. so James took him on a ramble into the mountains while I relaxed and had a cup of tea in a cafe!


Isn’t the beach beautiful?









All in all a lovely trip, fabulous weather, nice food… not a lot of sleep and a couple of spidery showers (!).  I’m pretty sure our new tent will see a lot more summers!


  1. Emma please post more pics of the scenery around Ireland (you know, that place where I should have been born).

    All the green makes my heart weep and my soul want to sing in Gaelic.

  2. Beautiful scenery! I could almost smell the campfire feast! What an awesome trip- thanks for sharing!

  3. Awesome photos and beautiful scenery!

    I love the way you guys feast when you camp :-)

    Thanks for sharing . . . Gina

  4. so happy to have seen these beautiful photos and thank you for sharing. Sincerely...

  5. Ireland looks beautiful! I'd also love to see more beautiful pictures!

  6. Mmmm I love toasted marshmallows!

    I've passed the 'stylish blogger' award onto you, stop by sometime and collect it :)