Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tot School: Halloween


This week I made a huge bunch of worksheets for Ollie.  Mainly alphabet ones seeing as we will be concentrating on about 3 letters each month.  We didn’t get too much time to use them though this week but he seems to know what he is supposed to do with them.  He did really well with the tracing straight lines, but after tracing two of them he got bored and just coloured in the whole page.

DSC01086  DSC01083

Because it was Halloween this week we made some cute Halloween arts and crafts.  He made about 9 gorgeous footprint ghosts which we decorated the door with.  They turned out really well.


We got out our black paper and used orange paint with pumpkin cookie cutters, to make the picture on the left and Ollie used orange finger paint to create the one on the right.


I spread some glue onto the blue page and Ollie stuck the sparkly pipecleaners on and sprinkled glitter to his hearts content.  When I finally shook the excess glitter off he said ‘that’s enough’…just as well that was enough because that was the last of the glitter!


Ollie helped me get our pumpkins ready for our parties (an adult party and a kid’s party!).  He thought the inside of the pumpkin was yucky and giggled when he touched it!



  Ollie also helped me make shortbread graves, bats, witches, ghosts and pumpkins!  We put colouring into the shortbread dough before we cut it :)



Halloween party post coming next!

There will be no Tot School next Sunday as we are going on holiday to London!  Whoop!


  1. The cookies look great! My son wouldn't touch the pumpkin guts.

  2. Aww he is such a cutie! and did a great job! those cookies look yum!

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