Friday, February 15, 2008

All our goodies!

James put up our cot the other night. It's huge and I wonder how I'll be able to find the baby in the night!! The baby will surely get lost!! I love it though. We bought some bedding also but we aren't setting it up just yet because there is still a number of months to go and it would get dusty.

This is our bath set. It's lovely. It might not be clear from the picture but it has little zoo animals on the side. We got the changing mat to match and we have bought lots of towels. Baby towels are adorable because they have a hood and then they are swaddled up with the remaining corners.

This is our car seat. We love it. It looks so comfy for the baby and it also has a sun blind/ hood that can pull out to help keep sun out of the baby's eyes.

Our feeding stuff...

I will be 23 weeks tomorrow and again time seems to be flying. Only 17 weeks now until our little one arrives... and at maximum if I were to go overdue, 18 and a half weeks! It's not very long at all!

At the minute the baby weighs just over a pound (aaaw!) and is about 11 or 12 inches long. The baby's hearing is developing well and his heart is fully established. The baby always responds when James talks to my bump which is lovely. They are going to be best buddies.

My bellybutton is now a proper outie and you can see it if I wear a fitted top. I hope someday it will pop back in!! Other changes I notice in myself are my clumsiness. I don't feel as steady on my feet as before and I've broken a glass and a plate in the last 4 days! My gums also bleed a lot when I brush my teeth and I am having trouble falling asleep at night time but hopefully this will settle soon.

It's all worth it though when I get my little kicks and when I think about seeing my little guy in just over 4 months.

Last night James was able to hear the baby's heartbeat when he pressed his ear on my tummy and listened carefully. The baby's heartbeat is a little bit faster than mine. The baby also kicked James head last night when he was first trying to listen. We have a little rascal in there!

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