Saturday, February 16, 2008

3D/ 4D scan!!

Today James and I took a trip to Blackrock to get a 3D/ 4D scan. It was AMAZING. It was amazing seeing the baby so real!! We saw the baby hiccup, yawn and smile and also rub his eyes. He is so handsome and I can see some of James in him already. It was such an experience and well worth the money. We were given a cd with all 23 pics she took and a dvd of 16 minutes of scan footage. Hope you all like the photos!

The above picture is of the baby with his feet crossed at the ankles :-)

Look at our beautiful, handsome baby sleeping :-)

After having doubts on the previous assessment of the baby's gender we asked the sonographer to confirm it and here it is in plain daylight. A little willy!!

Our baby pulling a cute "oooooh" face. You can see the umbilical cord in this photo over his shoulder and around his neck. Apparently this is normal though and it is not dangerous to be around his neck at this stage...
Our little one's tiny footprint :-)

I think the baby looks a lot like James in the above picture. So handsome!

The picture below is the baby's cute profile. His mouth is open because he had just yawned.


  1. Wow, I'm well jealous that that wasn't available to me when I was having mine. The photos are amazing. I'm thrilled that you are having a boy. Boys are fun.(Also, It's good to have your boys first. Emma, you probably remember how annoying little brothers can be and I certainly know how horrible big sisters are - joking everyone!)
    The belly button goes back straigt away, don't fret. Take the opportunity to give it a good clean out :)
    Lovely blogging.

  2. Hi Emma,

    Monica here from Ultrasound Dimensions.

    Wow great blog. I just came across it while I was searching the web for 3d/4d scan information. Do you mind if I link back to your blog from ours?

    Glad to see you had a health boy!

    Kindest regards,

    Monica Healy

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