Monday, December 21, 2009

A fish died. Again.

The oranda died before we even thought of a name for him. I have bad luck with fish huh! He got swim bladder again and I researched it online and apparently it is most common in orandas.

The other 2 fish are fine though. Lively as ever. I have thought of names! The black one I have named Shakira.... because he does a funny thing with his front fins that looks like Shakira's funny shoulder dance in 'She Wolf'... the sucker fish is now called Bill (Bill from True blood... vampire... sucker fish... get it?). So Shakira and Bill. I hope they live longer than any previous fish. If I have no luck with fish then I certainly should never ever ever get a dog!


  1. Oh no! Poor fish, that is too bad. I love the names you chose and why, they are great! I hope they survive for a long time too!

  2. aww! Sad news! Great names! I love the Shakira one! :-)

  3. Goldfish are really hard to keep, they die on me too >< If you ever get fish again you should ask for hardier ones.