Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Home Tour!

This is the wreath we have on the front door. I love having a wreath and love that it has friendly snowmen on it.

We only bought our house in June this year and it is an awful lot bigger than the houses we have had previously, so to be honest, our house still looks a little bit bare even though every single one of our decorations are up. Hopefully we can collect more in the years to come!

My mother in law bought this stocking for us last year, but it is a little bit too big to put stuff in and any big things we have are normally wider than the stocking. Looks nice on the wall though!

Our collection of small Christmassy things that don't really have a place yet, all sit together on the mantlepiece in the dining room.

This is our countdown to Christmas Santa! If I ask Ollie where Santa is, he runs and points here. Look 11 days to go!!!!!

My mum bought this advent calendar for us last year. I don't know if it is clear enough, but there is a little Santa there in day 14. You just move him from day to day. I think when Ollie is a bit older, I will start putting little treats into the pockets for him to find.

Ollie and I made this reindeer together. We also made one for both the Granny's. Those are his cute little handprints!

This is our tree. Our tree has no colour scheme. It is just a fun, higgledy piggledy, multi-coloured, mixed up tree and we love it. I like that nothing matches and it just looks fun and cheery.

Ollie made this decoration and the one below, at mother and baby group. Aren't they cute!

Last Christmas, Ollie's Great Aunt gave him some decorations that were knitted by his Great Grandmother. Apparently she was able to knit ANYTHING. Below is a decoration, a knitted soldier and a knitted Christmas cracker!!

This is the Santa on the top of our tree.

And below are Ollie's very own decorations. The first one is a mini snowglobe. It snows when you shake it. I had to buy it because it said Oliver on it. The second one is from his Granny. I am going to buy him a decoration every year and when he moves out I will give him a whole box of decorations that belong to him that have been collected over the years.

And last but not least... here are some presents!!!


  1. Love your decorations.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. very nice
    thank you for sharing

  3. I love that wreath on the front door! How cute. I also am jealous of how many gifts you have wrapped! I have a closet full of gifts waiting for wrapping and I just know it is going to take me forever!

  4. Love the decorations especially the handmade ones, thank you for sharing.

  5. Great decorations - love those handprint/footprint ones - have not made those for a couple of years.

    Merry Christmas to you, from "out in the sticks"!

  6. The Ollie ornament is so cute!

  7. You are WAY farther along than I am. By a longshot! I can't even keep my garland outside from getting windblown and looking like my hair when I first wake up in the morning - which looks like a burnt Q-tip.

    Ahhh Christmas.



  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog last week!! I love this post, and think your Tree is great!!! I especially love the tree topper. This next year, we're only putting anything that was homemade on the tree, and there won't be any kind of theme or color scheme.... it's going out the door from here on out!!! Great post.

  9. Thanks so much for the tour! I loved your reindeer made from Ollie's hand prints.

  10. I too loved the reindeer made from Ollie's hand prints. What a great craft idea - I'll definitely be doing that with my toddler this Christmas. Thanks!