Thursday, February 16, 2012

Soon to be single parenting!

...but don't worry, James isn't leaving me FOREVER.... just for 7 weeks... just weekdays!

Yep.  On Monday James leaves for London on business and won't be back until Friday night, to spend the weekend with us.  This is how our weeks will roll until mid-April.  It's crappy but there you have it... I have to suck it up and hope the weeks fly by!!  I remind myself that it's because of James' career that I am able to be a stay at home mum to my boys!

I am so worried about how it will go!!  Until now, James has done more than his fair share of night feeds, so really I am going in at the deep end doing all the feeds, every night!  How will I cope with the tiredness?  Eek!  I'm a nightmare when it comes to being up in the night.... (Adriel over The Mommyhood Memos posted about nighttime parenting V daytime parenting).... Nate's crying at that time of the night/ morning makes me so upset!  My heart breaks!  I've cried while he has cried, but wake up in the morning and his cries throughout the day just aren't the same as those in the night.  I have to deal with that!

Maybe the weekdays will be nice just me and the boys... maybe it won't be so bad.... James works all day and doesn't get home until close to 5 everyday anyway and the kids go to bed at maybe I'll manage just fine....

Maybe the key is super-organisation.... get everything ready for the nighttime when I get a free minute during the evening..... get everything ready for the morning before I go to bed...

How much is James going to miss?  This part makes me sad.  In 7 weeks time Nate will be a week off 3 months....he will grow a lot in the coming weeks and change so much.

Any advice on how to make the next 7 weeks run smoothly would be much appreciated!

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