Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Project 365 Week 6

{22nd February}  Good morning baby.

{23rd February}  Bathtime baby.... Nate LOVES baths.  He would happily spend all day in the bath if he could.  He is a proper water baby isn't he?  He was born in the water and loves to spend time in his bath.

{24th February}  My little man got weighed today.... at 5 1/2 weeks he weighs 11lbs 13oz after being born at 8lbs 8oz!!!  Thriving is the word the health visitor used :)

{25th February}  At the end of the first week of James working away in London we were all pleased to have him back for the weekend.  He and Ollie spent time together watching Thundercats!  Retro!

{26th February}  My chunky monkey moved up a size in nappies :)

{27th February}  Brotherly snuggles in Ollie's bunk bed.

{28th February}  After having a bad night, my amazing mum came to the rescue and took us to stay at her house to give me a hand since James is away.  

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