Sunday, February 26, 2012

Project 365 Week 5

(Posting a bit late!)
{15th February}  Tonight was the first night that we put Nate to bed at a proper bedtime.  7.00pm, I fed him in our room and settled him to sleep.  It was nice, but strange, to have the evening downstairs just James and I!

{16th February}  Happy boy in his bouncer.

{17th February}  Brothers <3

{18th February}  

{19th February}  Boys in the bath.  I love the baby bath we got as Ollie has so much fun having Nate in there with him!

{20th February}  The Dr. told us Nate has silent reflux and we were given Infant Gaviscon and Carobel (a milk thickener).  Poor wee man's tummy just isn't right and he is so upset after his feeds!

{21st February}  After the carobel not doing much to ease Nate's discomfort, but rather being uncomfortable for him to drink, I changed his formula to the comfort version.  The change has been huge so far!!

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