Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Project 365 Week 4

{8th February}  Little hand <3

{9th February)  My lovely friend in Canada knitted this entire outfit for Nathaniel.  It fits so so well and is so snuggly and cute!  Doesn't he look handsome!

{10th February}  ...

{11 February}  Little feet <3

{12th February}  We are trying to establish a routine... Gina Ford worked the first time, so seeing how it goes with a baby and an almost 4 year old!

{13th February}  Perfect little man

{14th February}  Nate spent our Valentine's hot chocolate date asleep so here is a photo of Ollie and I!


  1. Hi, I am visiting from SITS... I am a knitter I love the outfit and you are so lucky to have a friend who knits. I love the baby foot pictures as well they are really cute...