Thursday, February 9, 2012

Project 365 Week 3

{1st February}  We registered Nathaniel's birth!

{2nd February}  Today was my first day of taking Ollie to school on the bus, with a baby too!  It went ok.  I panicked but it all went ok!  Ollie was very good and held onto the pram to whole way to school.

{3rd February}  Snuggling brothers.

{4th February}  Me and my two boys.

{5th February}  Nate got dressed up all trendy in this little car outfit!  It's coming to the point where I want to put him in clothes instead of sleepsuits all the time.... and comfort is key :)

{6th February}  Nate had his newborn hearing test today.  All went well and his hearing is perfect!

{7th February}  Milky dribbles <3


  1. Congrats! He is a darling. Just had my baby boy 2 months ago! Love the new blog. Hope you stop by and join mine too! Been following you a while now.

  2. Snuggling brothers is the cutest picture EVER!!!! Love these! your boys are adorable :)