Thursday, February 2, 2012

Project 365 Week 2

{25th January}  Nathaniel and I went for a lovely lunchdate with my mum.  Felt good to get out and about!

{26th January}  I was finally able to eat goats cheese!  The food I missed the most throughout pregnancy!  I topped the meal off with a cherry wheatbeer.... luxury!!

{27th January}  The 4 of us went for a Starbucks date!

{28th January}  Our first family of 4 photo!

{29th January}  Brothers <3

{30th January}  Almost a smile!

{31st January}  Milky sleep


  1. oh, the joy of these photos! I can't imagine having all of these from when mine were little! Such a blessing!

  2. How great to get out for lunch - what a little sweetie. Oh my - those are things I am missing right now. Beer and cheese. Today it was feta...