Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nate is one month old today!

I can't believe that our little Nate is ONE MONTH already.  Oh my gosh how fast the time has gone!!  And can you believe that Ollie is going to be 4 in less than 3 months?  The time just goes too fast and I wish it would slow down just a little!

At one month old:

Nate smiles sometimes
Drinks a 5oz (150ml) bottle...
Approx every 3 hours or so
Is now in 0-3 months clothes
Wears a size 2 nappy
Loves to be held A LOT (while having his bottom patted!)
Pees on me almost daily during nappy change
His eyes are still blue...
...and his hair is still brown
Loves his vibrating bouncer chair
Loves being sung to
Loves baths
Likes his paci SOMETIMES (sometimes he really wants it... sometimes he REALLY doesn't)
Is having his first night with a proper bedtime tonight!
Makes mine, daddy and Ollie's hearts melt every single day

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