Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Life as a mum of 2!

I am LOVING being a mum of two.  It's hard work.... I feel like I am on the go and doing SOMETHING every minute of the day.... I finally sit down and relax later in the evening when Nate is snoozing in his moses basket beside us, and Ollie is in bed!

Ollie and Nate are getting on well.  There still have not been too many jealous incidences, but he is definitely acting out a little at the moment.  I then feel bad disciplining his naughty behaviour, because I feel like he is acting out because he wants more attention.... and I feel mean putting him in timeout and getting my cross face on.  I can't let the naughtiness slide though.  Apart from this he is lovely with Nate.  I found them together under the baby gym a couple of days ago when I had left the living room for just 5 mintues.  He strokes Nate and kisses him and sings him songs when he is crying.  Anytime Nate grunts or squeaks or squirms, Ollie shrieks "HE NEEDS A POO MUM" and then runs away laughing.  Toilet humour is just wonderful!

James is helping out with (and by helping out with I pretty much mean, he is doing...) the night feeds.  Nate is waking at approx 2.30am and 5.00am.....hungry boy!!  Though last night he did only wake once for a feed at 3.00am..... maybe this won't be a one off!  He is taking 5oz feeds now!  He normally settles back to sleep ok!  Ollie wakes about 7.30 these days so were not entirely sleep deprived!  Isn't my hubby a star for helping out so much?  He did the same with Ollie!  James copes much better with tiredness than I do!

It is hard to fit things in and find a routine.  I find it hard to know when its safe to shower..... Nate wants fed at the same time as I'm making Ollie's lunch and running for the bus.... and again he likes to feed when I'm about to make dinner!!  I like routine.... it keeps me sane, so thats what were trying to figure out in the next couple of weeks.

I am back to fitting into pre-pregnancy jeans!  Pretty much all my pre-pregnancy clothes fit me now and I've lost all the weight I put on!  I'm really happy about this!  There is still a bit of a tummy there that I need to work on, but no rush!

Nate is going to be 3 weeks old tomorrow and I can't believe how fast the time has gone.  He hasn't been weighed since he was 10 days old (back to birth weight) but health visitor is coming to us on Monday.  He is definitely filling out though as some clothes are nearly too small already!  He is really strong and has super head control... and just this week has started to hold our gaze.  It's adorable.

I'm enjoying every single day with my two boys.  I definitely feel super lucky to have been blessed with them both and it's true what my mum says....... when you have another baby, you don't split your love between them.... your heart GROWS so that it has twice as much love as before.

This morning when we were chilling and watching tv and the 3 of us were snuggled together, Ollie said "We're all best friends aren't we mummy?".... so lovely.

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