Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ok... I Take It Back...


This pregnancy is now starting to drag.

I'm pretty grumpy right now.  I am sore and frustrated.  I'm sitting here at 35 1/2 weeks pregnant, still getting really sore braxton hicks/ contractions every night and am just wishing my body would stop it and just wait until the baby is coming rather than having me think every single day is THE day.

My sore contraction pains are now coupled with maddening backache and headaches too.

I'm sure baby boy will be worth it when he arrives :)


  1. You've moved! Finally catching up with my feeds and saw you've got a new site so will delurk to say hello. Love your tag line by the way. Hope the braxton hicks chill out a bit until your bubba is ready to arrive. Those last few weeks sucked for me, especially the is it/isn't it contractions. Best wishes!

  2. ugh on the braxton hicks, hopefully they will subside for you! I'm sure you've already done this, but have you tried drinking more water? I guess on the bright side you only have a few more weeks to go :)