Saturday, January 28, 2012

Life Is Good!

I am LOVING life as a family of 4!  We are all settling in well and getting used to things... 

Ollie is being an absolute star.  He has taken to Nate so much better than I thought he would, and there haven't been too many incidences of jealousy.  He seems to like him, asks if he is ok and occasionally comes over to give him kisses and stroke his hair unprompted.  We make a big effort to make him feel important!  I tell him how good a job he is doing at being a big brother and how Nate is so happy to have him.  Ollie and I are going on a date to the cinema, just the 2 of us on Wednesday night.  He is really excited and I'm looking forward to having some one on one time with him.

We tried breastfeeding but found that formula feeding was going to be a better option for us.  So far that's going great.  Nate is taking 120mls (4oz) every 3 hours or so.  He is struggling a little with what we think is colic, so I've to take him to the Dr. on Monday morning.  Night feeding is ok.... because we are formula feeding, James has been able to help and has been amazing doing the 2 feeds in the middle of the night while I do the last one at night and first when we all wake up.  James copes with tiredness a LOT better than I do!!

Nate seems to be a very content baby when he isn't windy from feeding.  He is still in that newborn, sleep all the time phase, but when he is awake he is very quiet and takes everything in.  I'm sure he already recognises my voice as there is a definite calm comes over him when I speak.  He has shown us a couple of those not quite real smiles.... kind of a sneak preview of what he will look like when he really does smile!  Adorable.  He is very very strong and has amazing head control for his age.  I love the little snuffly noises he makes while feeding.

I've been out and about a few times.  It feels different the second time around.  I think when I had Ollie I spent a fortnight in the house without going anywhere.  Second time around, I think you recover faster and get back to normal quicker, get up and about.  I've been on a lunchdate with hubby, a lunchdate with my mum and today we went for a walk just Nate and I.  It is strange pushing the pram around and peeking in at the baby I had inside my belly less than a fortnight ago!!

We have Nate's newborn hearing test on Thursday so we are going to get him registered on the same day.  I can't wait to make him official.

So all in all we are doing well!  Sleep deprived, but loved up and happy :)


  1. That all sounds wonderful!! I was out and about faster with Gwen too. :)

  2. That is awesome! I think it's amazing you can still blog on less sleep :) I really enjoy reading your blog so I nominated you for an award - check it out:

  3. How exciting! I am a new follower and will soon be in your shoes, except our older son is only 21 months right now.