Monday, January 16, 2012

All Packed!

For the hospital!

I had a Consultant appointment at the hospital today because of my contractions episode on Friday night.  

After the examination and membrane sweep (SORE!) the Dr. told me I'm 2cm dilated!  This is such a relief.... it feels like the pains and contraction episodes I've been having recently have been doing something.  I'm already more dilated than I was when I got to hospital with Ollie.... I was in agony and only 1cm!!

Since coming home I've had some very very achy pains but not so much contractions I don't think.... tightenings but nothing regular.  Fingers crossed something kicks off soon!  It definitely feels as though it might. 

I'll keep bouncing on my birth ball!

If nothing happens before Friday, I have another sweep booked!  Hopefully it won't be long until I meet my baby boy!