Thursday, December 15, 2011

So this time last week I was in hospital...

This little man is certainly keeping us all on our toes!

Last Wednesday I had a friend come over and we were just chatting and I was getting strong braxton hicks (which had become a regular evening occurrence over the previous week and a bit).... but they soon seemed like they were not going to stop at all.  They were on top of one another.  My belly just wasn't easing at all.

I rang the hospital and they said to come in.

When I got there they did a trace on babys heartbeat, movements and my tightenings.  We saw baby on the ultrasound and the Dr. said he seemed very healthy and happy.

A Dr. examined me and said my cervix (tmi I know) was still closed but he would like to keep me in under observation for a day or two to see if the tightenings settled.

James was sent home to collect some things for me to stay over!  I HATE staying in hospitals.

They started the series of steroid injections (4 in total) to mature baby's little lungs in the off chance he came early and started me on antibiotics (incase it was a urinary infection that had started the tightenings). The steroid injections were SORE!

The pains managed to settle a little but returned the next morning....

The Dr. took a swab for fibronectin, a hormone that means that labour is imminent.... this test came back negative meaning there was an 80% chance I would not go into labour within the next fortnight.

After the above set of contractions, things calmed down and stopped and I was allowed home the next morning after my last steroid injection.  They said the results had come back that I didn't have urinary infection and that this was likely 'one of those things'.  They said I should get as much rest as possible.

All in all a scary visit...  but it was so exciting being on a ward where women were going off to have their babies and coming back hours later with their teeny tiny little bundles.  It made me so so broody and made me so excited for when I would have my own baby boy. 

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  1. I am so sorry you were in the hospital with early contractions! I've been there...and I know it isn't fun. But the steroid shots are the worst. I wish you all the best!