Friday, December 30, 2011

Our Christmas (In Pictures)

Ollie in his Christmas Pyjamas on Christmas Eve!

Ollie sprinkling 'reindeer food' onto our front lawn so that the reindeer have something to eat while waiting for Santa to come back!

Diving on in to his sack!

Mummy "How did Santa know you like Jungle Junction?".... Ollie "Because he's the best".

The moment he realises it is a MASSIVE Bruder cement mixer!

Toasting marshmallows at Grandma's!

Playing his new LeapPad with daddy!

Enjoying Christmas dinner.... (excuse our undecorated walls in the background!)

Enjoying dinner with a 'special glass' of juice!

Dexter in his new collar with his new toy!

Lola in her pretty new girly collar!

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  1. Too cute! Congrats on launching your new blog. You have a beautiful family. Wishing you much success with your blog in 2012 and more importantly, that you'll have fun with it.