Friday, December 23, 2011


You should seriously see my house.  It looks amazing.

I went into hospital at 32 weeks pregnant (a fortnight ago) with contractions.... had a course of steroids and the contractions calmed down.  When I came home everything in me was telling me to get ready for this little one coming.  In only a few days I had washed the house from top to bottom, had washed all the baby's clothes, bedding, car seat cover, finished our laundry and packed my hospital and labour bag!

I've never been one to mind doing the housework that needed to be done but it was never fun.... nesting is completely different!!!  I never nested properly with Ollie, or at least it didn't feel like this!

It felt AMAZING and EXCITING to be getting the house prepared for the baby coming home.  Each day that I pick things up, re-vacuum, re-mop etc.... is equally exciting and satisfying.

I wonder when this feeling will run out and housework will become as boring but necessary as before.


  1. Enjoy the last bit of your pregnancy.

    I love babies!

  2. I enjoyed nesting too. It's such a strange experience.