Sunday, November 27, 2011

28 and 30 weeks pregnancy updates

I've been having some time away from the blog.... and all of a sudden I'm 30 WEEKS!  It feels like no time at all.... we've been so so so busy getting the house decorated.  I really want it to be finished before this little man makes his appearance.  All that is left to do is the hallway/ landing and the master bedroom!

It doesn't feel like its sunk in that we will have a baby in about 10 weeks or less.  8 weeks if baby comes at the same stage that Ollie did and LESS if he comes a little earlier!  This pregnancy has not dragged in the slightest.  In a few weeks the house will be finished and Christmas will be here and just a few weeks after that our baby boy will arrive.

I haven't given a lot of thought to the birth yet.  To say I am terrified is an understatement.  I can't remember the majority of Ollie's birth.... I've blocked it out.  The bits I do remember are a bit grim.  I want to have a different experience this time and I have an appointment in a couple of weeks with the consultants at the hospital to talk through some of my options.

There is definitely an increase in size in the last couple of weeks!

How much bigger can I really get?  I don't think my belly can stretch a lot more than that to be honest.  I have a firm feeling that this little one won't hang on to 40 weeks.  I feel like he may come at 37 or so weeks.  I KNEW Ollie wouldn't wait until 40 weeks and he didn't so maybe I am right this time too.  I'm eager to get my hospital bag packed, the carseat ready and all the baby's clothes washed... so I'm properly ready for the moment he decides to get started!  Every morning Ollie exclaims "mummy look at your baby bump, it's getting bigger!".

Our baby measures approximately 40cm now and weighs about 2.8lbs!  I can almost make out limbs now when he moves.  My whole belly shudders and flips.... it's pretty crazy.  I don't ever remember Ollie moving this much.  I've been pregnant for 212 days and only have 68 days to go until my due date!

My braxton hicks have started in full swing too.  They're pretty painful and it scares me every time.  Not sharp pain.... but dull period pain much the same as how labour started with Ollie.  They are uncomfortable and very frequent!

How far along? 30 weeks!
Total weight gain/loss: + 9lbs.
Sleep: Not sleeping well, get up to pee once or twice and suffering leg cramps!
Food cravings: Fruit juice, cheese, sour/ tangy things.
Best moment this week: Realising just how close we are the the finish line.
Movement: My whole belly moves..... all the time!
Gender: BOY!
Stretchies: Some but I am not sure if they are new or from my first pregnancy...
Belly Button in or out? Out. So gross.
What I miss: Iced coffee, brie, goats cheese, cider.
What I am looking forward to: Meeting the consultants in 4 weeks time to hopefully reduce my fears!
Symptoms: Sore hips, sore back, tiredness, sore braxton hicks, sore boobs!
Milestones: Into double figures now.... less than 100 days to go!
Weekly wisdom: 
Emotions: Excited!