Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tomorrow is Ollie's Big Day!!

My first little baby boy is off to pre-school tomorrow!!  Agh!  Time has gone so fast and now tomorrow marks the start of Ollie being in education for the next 15 years (until university etc!).  Isn't that so crazy?

I read him the 'Starting School' book.  I had this book when I was his age too and I remember all the pictures in it and the story.  It's lovely.

Ollie's school jumper.
He is super excited about tomorrow and I am so proud of him.  I THINK he will be just fine.  He isn't really the type to miss James or I.... he dives in head first and isn't shy around new people.  He keeps telling us about all the fun things he is going to do there (play with sand, paint etc).

All of Ollie's school stuff laid out ready for tomorrow.
I spent this evening ironing all his name labels onto his clothes and shoes and everything.

My big boy asleep, getting his rest for the next day!


  1. Hope his first day was wonderful! I love how young they look sleeping - I need to take more pics of mine like that (and find a way not to wake them when I do it.).