Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Ark Open Farm (newest addition to the family!)

James was able to take the whole first week of September off work so we could have loads of fun as a family before Ollie started school.  One of the places we went to was The Ark Open Farm.  We had never been before and I actually had vouchers so we could all get in for free!  It was fab and we will definitely be going back.  They had little pots of food that you could feed to all of the animals.... pony rides, quad bike rides, a duck pond and a little train ride too.

Ollie was really brave and loved feeding the animals... I was a bit too scared!  He fed pretty much every type of animal they had!!

They are so good with kids there and the staff really encourage the kids to participate in the feeding/ cuddle the animals sessions and Ollie loved it!  He was really gentle holding this little chicky!

...and he had his first ever pony ride.  I was sure he was going to want me to hold onto him while he went.... but he didn't.  Off he went down the paddock on a tiny pony with only the guy holding the rope.  He smiled the whole time :)

There was a cool playpark there and a lot of it was made out of old tractor parts etc.  

He also fed a baby lamb his lunchtime bottle.

AND.... we came home with a new puppy.  He was sitting in this pen with his brothers and sisters and was just 9 weeks old and we were told they were all for sale.  We couldn't resist.  More about him in the next post.  He is a DARLING.

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