Friday, August 19, 2011

Pregnancy thinkings....

I had my first midwife appointment today (I saw her briefly to tell her I was pregnant) and everything is great with baby so far.  We listened in to the baby and heard it's super strong heartbeat and we heard lots of movement.  It was like the baby was showing off..... when she pressed the doppler and the heartbeat was located, it got super loud after just a few seconds, as if the baby knew what we were doing and wanted to show us how healthy it is and shifted into a better position.

I am just finally starting to really believe that everything might actually go well this time and I feel very lucky.  When I have a day where reassurance has slipped, the baby always lets me know in one way or another, that it is ok!

The baby kicked me so hard the other night while I was lying in bed ready to go to sleep, that I nearly jumped out of my skin.  It took me by surprise because it was so hard!  Since then the kicks have been more prominent than before and although it feels very strange, feeling the baby move is the BEST feeling in the world.

I am still using the doppler to find the heartbeat every few days and it's very easy to find now.  The baby always seems to be cuddled into the very left side of my belly so I always know exactly where to find it.

It's good that the gender scan is in less than to weeks because I hate referring to the baby as 'it'!  Well, at home we refer to it as 'he' but that's because 'he' comes naturally having already had a boy!!  I don't want to refer to it as 'he' on the blog incase someone just starts reading and thinks we are having a boy!  Only 12 more days and we will know.

We have thought of a few names but because we change our mind on names quite frequently we have decided to stop thinking of names until we know what sex the baby is and hopefully only having one set of names to focus on will make it slightly easier!  I won't be sharing the names on the blog, though I will be sharing the sex :)

I'm so happy :)

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  1. I'm so jealous that you're feeling the baby move already! I'm one week behind you and haven't felt anything yet. That was my absolute favorite part of pregnancy with my daughter. It certainly makes everything seem more real :) I'm not expecting to feel anything anytime soon, though. I didn't feel my daughter until 18wks and not regularly until after 20wks. I'm (unfortunately) about 10lbs heavier this time around with an anterior placenta...all things that can muffle baby kicks. Also if the previous ultrasounds I've had are any indication...this baby is lazy, so it just might not be doing a whole lot of moving. Oh well, it'll happen soon enough.

    I saw your post on Blog Frog and thought I'd stop by.