Saturday, August 27, 2011

Camera Phone Friday

1. Saturday tradition, 2. Friday evening fun, 3. Lunch date with most handsome boy alive, 4. Happy Birthday Jason :), 5. Ollie in his Little Tiger Cubs uniform <3, 6. Showing off in his uniform :), 7. Loving farm Playmobil, 8. Date night :), 9. My clever boy painted this... Red For the windmill, green door and grass and blue sky which he described as a big storm!!!! Clever!!, 10. The biggest spider I've ever seen in Ireland. Not nice to wake up., 11. James is my hero, 12. Sushi for one, 13. Swimming, 14. Ollie was first in the Disney store so got to open up!, 15. Breakfast date with my gorgeous boy

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  1. Ew.. spiders are not my friends.
    He looks adorable in his uniform.

  2. Okay- YOWZA on the spider. That would totally give me a freak out. Love that last shot of you 2 together- what a sweet moment!

  3. Love all of your captures this week but that spider.... WOWZA. He is a big one. Absolutely adore the photo of you and your little man. So sweet! Thanks so very much for linking up to iPhoneography this weekend!